Secure Document Destruction Services

Document Shred is a brand extension of Safe and Secure OWD having years of experience in the industry and is today a leading shredding service provider in Sydney area. No matter what your organization size is, document destruction is an important aspect of businesses today. It is vital for organizations to protect themselves from security breaches and privacy issues, which can be done using a reliable document shredding company.

Why Document Shred?

• Professionals with 10plus years of experience
• Whole process conducted using ASIO certified centers
• Located in Sydney
• Guaranteed destruction with a Certificate of Destruction

The Australian Privacy Law
Did you know what the Australian privacy law states in regards to Document destruction? Long story short it states that business units must ‘take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify confidential or personal information no longer required. Not destroying sensitive information is an invitation to unscrupulous elements to abuse the information thus jeopardizing your business and promoting identity thefts. The crux is- always destroy sensitive information/data with utmost diligence. We can be your partner in this endeavor, always.

Our highlighting features
• Highly refined and secure environment
• Certificate of Destruction
• Highest levels of security,
• Complete custody
• Fantastic Customer service.